Molly Brewer is an award winning reporter for KSNW. She joined the Wichita NBC affiliate news team after graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Currently, Molly is KSNW’s live morning reporter Monday through Friday, covering the top local story each morning. Each day she finds a way to educate, uplift and inspire people through original, source-driven content for the market's #1 morning show. 

Molly started her career as the chief bureau reporter for KSN’s southwest Kansas region in Garden City. She gained early experience and ambition when she interned in the Investigative Units at NBC’s WMAQ-TV and CBS’ WBBM-TV in Chicago. Molly also enjoyed reporting for Loyola’s Rambler Sports Locker newscast and the Loyola Phoenix student newspaper.

A Columbus, Ohio native, Molly cheers on The Ohio State Buckeyes. She enjoys working out, traveling and she takes food very seriously.

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