Small Radio Station Carries Larger Purpose

In recent decades, stories surrounding the Middle East have been nothing short of grim. News outlets everywhere capitalize on self-proclaimed Islamic terrorists in nations plagued by war.

When describing these organizations, 'self-proclaimed' is the only term fit to do so.

Radio Islam, an international radio station located in Chicagoland, aims to deliver unbiased news with a focus on Muslim Americans in hopes of providing an outlet for people that may feel disenfranchised.

"We're at a time where people don't think we're American," said Radio Islam producer and host Tahera Rahman.

While Radio Islam hasn't faced any discrimination itself, its parent company, Sound Vision has experienced protests outside its events and threatening messages.

Rahman hopes the station can allow local Muslims to have their voices heard on topics that could be considered taboo in their culture, such as breast cancer, sexual assault, etc.

There is also a purpose for non-Muslims.

"One thing that we bring to them [non Muslims] is satisfying their curiosity without them having to go outside their comfort zone," said Rahman. "We do a lot of interfaith shows as well."

Rahman views Radio Islam as a kind of service to people of all faiths and backgrounds.

"I don’t think anything is stupid," said Rahman. "I would so much rather somebody come up to me and ask me then just go with what they hear on the news."